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News Release | Environment Michigan Research and Policy Center

Shining Cities

Michigan cities lag behind their peers across the country in installing solar power in the last year in a ranking of cities nationwide for solar energy capacity (per capita). The results come from the seventh edition of Shining Cities: The Top US Cities for Solar Energy, a new report released today by Environment Michigan Research & Policy Center. It is the most comprehensive survey available of installed solar capacity in major U.S. cities.

News Release | Environment Michigan Research and Policy Center

Report Warns of Risk from Industrial Sites in Floodplains

Flooding in Midland that threatens to release toxins from chemical facilities and contaminated sites underscores the importance of our recent report on the risks of siting dangerous facilities close to surface water.

News Release | Environment Michigan

Six Michigan mayors join national coalition to call for a solar energy future

Michigan mayors and a former mayor representing five cities across our state have joined a list of 300 across the U.S. in signing on to a letter calling for a future powered by more clean renewable solar power, released today by Environment Michigan Research & Policy Center. The group of “Mayors for Solar Energy” committed to this cause is bipartisan and represents cities of all sizes spanning all 50 states.

News Release | Environment America Research & Policy Center

102 groups urge EPA to rein in meat and poultry processing plant pollution

Environment America Research & Policy Center is submitting comments on behalf of 102 organizations today, urging the Environmental Protection Agency to dramatically reduce the massive levels of pollution dumped by agribusiness facilities into America’s waterways. The comments are in response to the agency’s decision not to update permit standards for meat and poultry plants -- despite the Clean Water Act’s requirement to do so.

News Release | Environment America

Statement: Dual EPA rollbacks weaken clean water protections against toxic coal waste

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released two proposals today to roll back clean water protections against waste from coal-fired power plants. The first proposal would overhaul wastewater rules, drastically weakening safeguards that prevent utilities from discharging toxic pollutants like arsenic, lead and mercury into America’s waterways. The second proposal would significantly extend closure dates for coal ash disposal sites, allowing utilities to continue storing toxic coal debris in ponds that can leak or overflow, for decades.